Daily Routine

Indoor /Outdoor Free Play

8.30AM Centre opens.

Children engage in self-selected indoor/outdoor Experiences.

9.30AM. Morning Greet time.

Children follow toilet and hand washing routine with their educators and apply sunscreen - to promote good health and hygiene practices prior to  morning tea.( in their small groups)

Morning Tea

9.45AM Morning tea is offered on mats in small groups for children. Fruit time is offered by the educators during morning tea and children are given their choice of fruit.

Group Time

10-11.30am Intentional teaching small focus group experiences: Educators alternatively take small concentrated group times.

10- 11.30pm Children are offered indoor and outdoor play experiences.

Lunch Time

12.15 pm Lunch Time: Children sit indoors in small groups on lunch mats and each educator sits alongside one of the mats to assist children.

Occasionally picnic lunches are organised on sunny days. Children follow toilet and hand washing routine to promote good health and hygiene practices.
*This is an important social time. Children are to bring their own healthy lunch. We suggest - sandwiches or a salad and any extras such as sultanas, cheese, crackers etc. we promote healthy eating habits

12.45-1pm Educators assist children wash up after lunch. Educators and children get ready for quiet time, wash hands and toilet routine.

Quiet Time

1 -1.45pm Quiet time - quiet stories and a short rest (for children who require a rest is offered.) opportunities for more relaxed indoor play is offered.

Afternoon Tea/ Outdoor Free Play

1.45pm Afternoon fruit time is offered outdoors at a table or a mat. Sunscreen is topped up.2.00PM Indoor / outdoor free play experiences.

3.30pm All children come indoors.

4.00pm Centre closes. Authorised supervisor or responsible person to prepare lockdown procedure